Important Notices:

Upcoming Features: Features will be added to EdgeOS on 1/26/2021. They will include:

  • Two-Factor Authentication: Each Company can choose to use two factor authentication. SMS confirmations will be sent to users after username and password authentication. By default this will be off. Users who have submitted false mobile phone numbers will NOT be able to log in if 2FA has been enabled. Correct invalid information by clicking your name at the upper right of the portal and change your settings. Otherwise, you will have to contact your company administrators to enter valid information.
  • Physical Data Center Access Request Change:Company Administrators can choose to selectively allow a portal user to be able to enter Access Request tickets. By default users will continue to be able to request physical access.
  • User Deactivation Enhancement: User sessions in the portal will be timed out after 24hrs, requiring a re-login.

Corona Virus

  • Hand sanitizers have been installed in convenient places inside EdgeConneX buildings.
  • A notice sign has been posted before entering the “mantrap” to clean your hands with available sanitizer
  • Security will instruct everybody who enters the datacenter to the most important measures as described above and the use of the hand sanitizer.
  • On site cleaners and Security will regularly attend to the common surfaces, doors, door handles and bio-readers/keypads from the “mantraps” towards the outside fence doors.
  • Be courteous and please restrict travel to data centers if you aren't feeling well
  • European Sites: Due to an increase in cases, we are asking that all entrants wear a face mask inside the buildings and in the front entry areas
  • For more information from EdgeConneX please read: COVID 19 Response Blog
  • We will be adhering to all local stay at home orders as they are in place or rescinded. Thank you.

Data Center Guidelines:PIN Activation requires an acceptance of Data Center Guidelines

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