Important Notices:

  • New Feature: Set your preferred time zone in settings for localized DataViewer information
  • New Feature: Company Admins can choose to enforce hardened passwords
  • Inbound / Outbound Shipments: All EdgeConneX Data Centers remain under heightened security due to world affairs. Your diligence in adhering to shipping policies is greatly appreciated. Failure to follow these policies may result in rejected deliveries.
    • All shipments must be accompanied by an EdgeOS Ticket
    • Shipments without a ticket may be rejected
    • The Attn: field must be filled in
    • Questions should be directed to our NOCs or to your Company Admins

  • Corona Virus
    • Be courteous and please restrict travel to data centers if you aren't feeling well
    • For more information from EdgeConneX please read: COVID 19 Response Blog

  • Data Center Guidelines:PIN Activation requires an acceptance of Data Center Guidelines
  • EdgeConneX Privacy Policy