Important Notices:

New Features:
  • Set your preferred time zone in settings for localized DataViewer information
  • Company Admins can choose to enforce hardened passwords
Inbound / Outbound Shipments:

Your diligence in adhering to shipping policies is greatly appreciated. Failure to follow these policies may result in rejected deliveries.

  • All shipments must be accompanied by an EdgeOS Ticket
  • Shipments without a ticket may be rejected
  • The Attn: field must be filled in
  • Questions should be directed to our NOCs or to your Company Admins
Corona Virus
  • Be courteous and please restrict travel to data centers if you aren't feeling well
  • For more information from EdgeConneX please read: COVID 19 Response Blog
Data Center Guidelines:PIN Activation requires an acceptance of Data Center Guidelines
  • EdgeConneX Privacy Policy