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See Non-Core Field Definitions for ticket-specific fields.

Core Field Definitions

The below fields can be found on most tickets. They represent a common core of information required for proper handling of the ticket. The core fields are listed below.

Entry Field
Site Location
The Edge Data Center for which the ticket applies.
Behalf Of
The company that assumes the ultimate responsibility for the ticket.
Subject of Your Message
Condensed information that helps to identify a ticket.
Detailed account of the ticket.
The ticket submitter's email.
Contact Name
Name of the point of contact for the ticket.
Contact Phone
The phone number of the point of contact for the ticket.
Additional Contacts
List of email addresses that you choose to receive information pertaining to the ticket.
Customer Internal Ticket #
An internal reference number provided by the customer that refers to an identifier in a customer system.
Remote Hands
Ticket requires technical or non-technical Remote Hands within data center.
Service Interruption

Service Affecting- The visit will affect the requirements of the service level agreement ECX has with its customers.


Service Non-Affecting- The visit will not affect the requirements of the service level agreement ECX has with its customers.

Severity of Issue
Non-Critical or Critical: A determination by the ticket submitter as to the level of criticality of the work to be performed.
There are four statuses a ticket can have:
  • Open - A ticket is considered Open as soon as it is submitted. Tickets that are Open have not been acknowledged or received work by an ECX Regional Director.
  • In-Progress - A ticket is In-Progress as soon as an ECX Regional Director acknowledges it and work has begun to resolve the issue.
  • Cancelled - A ticket is Cancelled when it work is no longer needed.
  • Completed - A ticket is Completed or Closed when the issue that the ticket was in regards to has been resolved through requested work.
The specific location of racks or cages.
RU# of equipment
The specific Rack Unit number of the equipment for which the work is to be performed.
Requested Target Date
The date that the user wants to have the visit authorized for. Because it is a requested target date, it is not a guaranteed set date.
Attached files
One or more files may be attached to a ticket. Files can provide drawings, schematics, instructions, or other useful information.
Create Shipping & Delivery Ticket
Creates a related Shipping & Delivery ticket to any (except individual Shipping & Delivery tickets) type of ticket submittal. Opens a new Shipping & Delivery ticket after ticket submission. A reference is made between the two tickets and can be seen by viewing the submitted Ticket Details for either ticket.